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Lieutenant Axl Larani

Name Axl Larani

Position Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 180 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description Axl is dashingly handsome, his ice blue eyes and dark hair lend an exotic look to him, coupled with the sharp angles of his Betazed heritage. He almost always sports a little bit of a five o’clock shadow, but he never lets his facial hair get out of control.

He’s lean and well muscled, his body as chiseled as his face. Everything about him is almost always pristine and crisp. Even his hair stays politely in one place.

His eye coloration is due to a missing color gene for his retinas. When he was born it was believed for a long time that he was blind. His coloring also led people to believe that he had more telepathic power then he did. Neither of which is true. He is neither blind nor able to do anything other than what other Betazoids can do.


Father Has Larani
Mother Ayshe Larani

Personality & Traits

General Overview Axl is bright, funny and willing to help. He’s a good listener and good at giving advice. He does not handle people with kid gloves though. He’s a go getter and a self-starter, who often finds himself in leadership positions. He seems to just naturally end up there. His laid back nature lends itself well to operations.

He can be no nonsense when the chips are down and is good about working together with a team. Some say that that is attributed to his ability to pull everyone together mentally and keep people focused on task. Because of his abilities he is a very shrewd negotiator and an extremely effective leader.

Axl is a people person. He loves to chat and get to know people especially those under his command. Even though he can read people’s thoughts and emotions he’s still fascinated with verbal communication and finds it very important. This has made him unafraid to speak his mind.
Strengths & Weaknesses Axl’s strengths are his sense of propriety and his sense of duty. Nothing really gets in the way of those two things in his life.

His weakness are his vanity and his chattiness.
Ambitions Axl's biggest ambition is to become a captain of his own ship eventually. Even though he knows that it's going to be awhile before that is possible. He sees himself as career Starfleet though and possesses the determination to see it through.
Hobbies & Interests Axl is a fairly decent artist. He likes to sketch and paint mostly for his own pleasure then an actual study of art. He also likes a wide variety of music, theater and opera. He considers himself quite a critic of his favorites and can even tend towards snotty if you challenge his tastes.

Personal History Lieutenant Axl Larani of the Seventh House was born in 2355 in Rixx to loving and well-to-do parents. Both of his parents were firmly planted in politics and Axl grew up with nannies and governesses. Although, through this parenting technique he found he could be friends with his parents much easier than if he had been raised traditionally.

Axl’s career in Starfleet has also been unremarkable. He graduated Academy in the top of his class. Which made his parents very proud. He was passionate about art during school and even showed some talent in it, but Starfleet was always his first love.

He spent 4 years aboard the USS Celestial. He was promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant and eventually given the Chief of Operations Position. He has always had a good memory for where things were and how to fix them.

He spent 6 years helping establish the Torus Colony on Darona. Darona is the second inhabited planet in the Betazed system. It already had one colony when the government decided it was time to settle another one. For Axl it was rather like working for the Peace Corps. He helped build structures for people and animals, started fields of crops, and helped in a medical capacity.

He found himself back in space and aboard the USS Ride when he was no longer needed at the colony. It was an adjustment to be back in the operations seat, but he acclimated quickly and has served two years.
Service Record 2373 - 2376: Starfleet Academy
Cadet 1-4

2376 - 2379: USS Celestial
Ensign - Lieutenant

2379 - 2385: Torus Colony on Darona

2385 - Present: USS Ride