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Lieutenant Kestro Ral

Name Kestro Kellar Ral Son of the Fifth House of Betazed

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 189Lbs
Hair Color Chestnut Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Kestro is a tall, thin man.

His Betazoid genes give him a youthful look despite his nearing Human middle age.

His Chestnut hair is described as windswept.

His chiselled features are softened greatly by his pointedly Betazoid eyes.

Kestro wears his Uniform with dignity and poise, but opts for looser much more flowing clothing when off duty.


Father Miyno Suder, Son of the Third House of Betazed
Mother Kemara Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed
Sister(s) Lwazanda Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed

Rwendra Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed

Lewella Ral, Daughter of the Fifth House of Betazed
Other Family The Fifth House of Betazed

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kestro has been described as a free spirit. He is very liberal in his ways.

He has use of some of his psionic abilities, but focuses on his empathics, and connectivity
Strengths & Weaknesses +Empathy

-Too Free Spirited
-Often over extends himself
Ambitions Kestro hopes to serve the Federation as a Counselor in Starfleet, and possibly work with Starfleet Medical to help raise counseling standards.
Hobbies & Interests Kestro loves art. He finds the process of creating a piece therepeutic.

In his off time, he enjoys Klingon Opera, Vulcan Poetry, nd the Betazoid Ballet.

Personal History Kestro was born on Betazed in the Capital of Rixx, to parents Kemara and Miyno. His upbringing was mostly traditional. He and his sisters, Lwazanda, Lewella and Rwendra, spent a lot of time together at the Ral family's residence on the sea coast. Despite the difference in age between him and his sisters (almost 9 years at the least), Kestro and the girls got on famously.

When he was still quite young, his parents had their marriage dissolved. This time became turmultuous for him, but his sister's were no stangers to the situation (their own father having been Kemara's first husband, Kestro's her second.) they helped Kestro deal with the emotions attached to the situation.

When Kestro was old enough, he applied to the University of Betazed to study Psychology and Counseling. After his acceptance she studied for several years, with the intention of applying to Starfleet upon completion of his degree. He had always loved engaging with different races, so Starfleet seemed the logical choice to do so.

Upon his acceptance to the Academy, Kestro began his Direct Entry Officer Training.

It was a trying time for Kestro, as he had never been exposed to so many Non-Betazoids at once before. He often found difficulty blocking out the thoughts of others.

Kestro graduated, and was commisioned a Lieutenant Junior Grade. His first assignment brought him to the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone aboard the USS Galloway. On the Galloway, Kestro had the honor of serving under a Betazoid Captain. Captain Hermie Sempla Daughter of the Ninth House of Betazed, took Kestro under her wing and guided him throught the winding river of Starfleet.

After only two years, Kestro was offered a transfer to the USS Vanderbilt, and experimental science vessel where he would serve as Counselor studying the mental effects of certain experiments the crew was undertaking. He jumped at the opportunity for a change.

Wit this new experience under his belt, Kestro set of into the unknown aboard the USS Ride.
Service Record USS Galloway, Counselor

USS Vanderbilt, Counseling Staff-Researcher

USS Ride, Counselor