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Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2017 @ 4:48pm by Lieutenant Adelaide White LL. M

Mission: Ep 1 - Out of the Frying Pan
Location: Deck 3

In the past few minutes Adelaide must have checked her rifle at least a dozen times, even though she tried her best to hide it. She was scared as hell. She had seen combat plenty of times but this time it was different. This time it was the Borg, they had nearly driven her species to extinction and she had hoped by staying away from the Delta Quadrant she could avoid encountering them in her career. That being said, now was not the time to let her fear get the better of her.

=A=Lieutenant White, secure the Deck against all intruders. Do not let our weapons systems get compromises=A= Lieutenant Commander Matthew Daniels, the Chief Security Officer said over the comm

=A=Aye, aye, sir.=A= Adelaide replied before turning back to the team of Security Officers she had assembled. Teams like it had been placed on every deck, with additional personnel on decks that held important parts of the ship. The bridge, weapons systems, sickbay and Engineering.

"You heard the Chief, we hold the deck at any cost. Anything that doesn't wear a uniform you shoot" She ordered before the team took their positions throughout the deck. If any drone was going to transport in they were going to take them down. Nothing however could prepare them for what ended up happening. As the battle ensued and eventually the explosive ending nearly destroyed the ship there was not much they could do. Just as Adelaide was about to yell orders for her team to take cover she was hit by a bulkhead. In an instant everything turned black.


As she opened up her eyes again she woke up in a completely different place. A comfortable bed and a strange but nice smell. As she got up she could see buildings through the window. She was in New York. "Hey beautiful" A voice said as the smell came closer. "I thought I'd make you some breakfast"

"Thank you, Matt. What time is it?" Adelaide asked, the battle no longer on her mind.

"1100, don't worry we still have more than enough time until we have to report back to the ship" Matthew replied as he put the tray on the bed. "I've thought about it Addy and I think we need to inform the Captain, the scuttlebutt is going to reach the Senior Staff soon enough"

Adelaide sighed, of course he was right but there was a real chance that if they made it formal either of them would be reassigned. Everything was just going so good, she didn't want to lose that. "What if they split us up though?" She asked.

Before she could even get a response she suddenly heard a different voice. It was soft but steadily getting louder. "Lieutenant, Lieutenant" She looked up to see where it was coming from but as she looked back Matthew was gone. "Lieutenant, wake up" The room started disappearing until she was alone in a sea of black. "Lieutenant!"


As Adelaide opened up her eyes again she was back on the Ride, or what was left of it. As she tried to move she could suddenly feel a strong pain going through her body. "Don't move, Lieutenant. There is still a piece of bulkhead on your torso" Ensign Emily Lewis said. Emily was a new addition to the crew, she had only just graduated the Academy and boarded the Ride just before they went on their current mission.

"What happened?" Adelaide asked as she remained as still as she could.

"There was a massive explosion, we have been unable to reach anyone. At least the Borg don't seem to have boarded the ship" Emily replied as two other Security Officers pulled up the piece of bulkhead, finally allowing Adelaide to break free.

She felt like absolute hell but now was not the time to lick their wounds, whatever had happened. The ship was in danger and they could certainly use as much manpower as possible. After regaining her composure and using the phaser rifle for some support. "No matter what happened, we have to get in touch with the Bridge and aid the others in whatever way is needed. Emily you have some Engineering experience, try to get a channel open to anyo..." The hail from Commander Greystone interrupted her, but at least it was timed well.

"Well, you heard her. We are making our way to Engineering. Grab whatever material you can, focus on weapons and medical supplies"


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