The Importance of Being Earnest

Posted on Tue Jan 16th, 2018 @ 11:13am by Lieutenant Commander Amanda Greystone & Lieutenant Axl Larani & Lieutenant Jennica Riars MD, PhD & Lieutenant Kestro Ral Son of the Fifth House of Betazed

Mission: Ep 1 - Out of the Frying Pan
Location: Engineering Bay | USS Ride
Timeline: Mission Day 1 - 2385


"From the information V'Len and I have been able to gather off the sensors," Greystone said, gesturing to the Vulcan science officer to her right, "we'll be coming into range within the next 30 minutes. The side that's facing us has what I'm presuming to be a massive shuttle or cargo bay of some kind, so that's where we're going to make ingress."

She looked at the sea of tired faces before her, and continued, "I don't need to impress the importance of this on you guys. We're running out of life support pretty quickly, and we don't have the manpower or the equipment to save the ship. This is our 'make it or break it' time. We need to make this work, so however we can do that... I'll be leading an away team over to the installation to assess the situation. Because our relays are shot, we're going to have to use the Bainbridge. I'm not going to press gang any of you into coming along. I need at least 3 volunteers to go with me though. More would be better. And I'll need someone to stay behind to tend to the crew here."

She paused for a moment, and an awkward silence fell over the Engineering Bay.

"Alright shit, don't everyone volunteer at once," she muttered. "Thoughts?"

Axl had recovered consciousness and now that his ribs were tightly bound up he was feeling much better. A dermal regenerator had seen to most of his bumps and bruises. He stepped forward. "I'm willing to go and I'm a Betazoid... so I might be able to give warning or whatever... I don't sense much from here, but if I was over there... who knows." He smiled.

The man's voice echoed in Kestro's ear. He tried to place the slight variance in the tones. 'Seventh House?' He asked himself. He shook thoughts from his head. "I can assist as well." He said, standing tall and taking a step forward.

Axl nodded. Two Betazoids would be better than one. "We gotta go over there. There's really no help for it. We can't really catch up to the damage, like you said. We need more though. It can't just be the three of us... although I think any medical should stay here... Anyone in Security? Or has combat training?" He looked around at the group.

"I'd prefer medical personnel stay behind to help the injured. But I'd definitely like someone with some science training and security to come over with me. I can probably make sense of any systems we find operational over there," Greystone said. "Security isn't a bad idea, but I'd rather not make ingress into a huge place like that with phasers drawn. It may be our only option but optimistically let's also call it a unique opportunity to poke around the biggest thing any of us have ever seen."

Axl nodded in agreement. "Do we have any sort of scans of the station at all? What I mean is, do we know if there's anything alive over there?"

Kestro slunk back into the crowe a bit.

"If there are," Jennica chimed in from where she was tending to a bleeding engineer, "then you'll likely need a physician with you. If you give me a few minutes to get someone else from Sickbay down here to take care of these folks, I'll be ready." She still needed to clean all of the Vulcan blood from her hands. Stenat's death was still fresh, but Riars' focus on the enormity of the Ride's situation prevented her from thinking about it.

Mandy thought over the idea for a moment, before saying, “We don’t have scanners active enough to determine whether or not anyone is alive over there. We know it has breathable atmosphere and that’s about it.”

Turning to Jennica, she said, “Do it. Willing able bodies, you have five minutes to grab what you need before we hoof it up the Tubes to the shuttlebay.”

"We're going to need to be careful in the Tubes," Axl added. "I was in those earlier... Some of the fire suppression systems are offline."

"Ugh, of course," Mandy sighed. "Alright, let's grab whatever fire suppression gear is left over, and move out."

Taking one last visual survey of the crew, she nodded and headed toward the Jeffries Tubes.